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I have a life-long passion for singing, horses, connecting with nature, and understanding human behaviour, starting with my own!

In my work as a teacher, and facilitator, I aim to guide people in personal awareness, development and growth, in order to achieve their full potential, resulting in a more authentic, joyful life.  


I believe that to sing is our birthright.  I have been singing for most of my life, and helping others to explore their own, unique voice, for over 20 years.  I firmly believe that 'If you can speak, you can sing!' 

See the 'Discover your Voice' section for more details.

If you have your own horse, and have a desire to deepen the relationship that you have with your horse, I offer relational horsemanship sessions.  This involves exploring the relationship that you have with yourself, and how this can impact your horse's behaviour.  This powerful work is transformational.  

See the 'Horses Reflect' section for more information.

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