Horses Reflect

Equine Facilitated Personal Development


Growth & Change for You, and your Horse

"You do not see the world as it is.  You see it as you are"

                                                                                 Anais Nin

What is it ?

Horses are empathic, non-judgmental, sensitive, congruent beings.  They offer consistent and honest feedback, in response to our thinking, emotions, body language, beliefs, and resulting behaviour.  By developing an honest, trusting relationship with ourselves, and our horses, they can reflect back what we are often unable to see for ourselves.  This partnership offers tremendous potential for personal growth and change, not only for us, but more importantly for our beautiful, sensitive horses.


Why ?

Sometimes the relationship with our horses can feel difficult, perhaps we have lost confidence along the way.

Life can be challenging, and many of us find ourselves struggling with self-confidence, anxiety and depression, this can result in our feeling 'stuck' on the treadmill of life.  This work is a gentle, therapeutic, experiential way of learning to promote change in our lives.  The benefits are vast, below are just some of the ways that this compassionate work can benefit you:

  • Deepen personal self awareness

  • Improve self-care and self-compassion

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your thinking, emotions, how to 'hear' them, and value their messages. 

  • Shift negative thought patterns (creating new neural pathways)

  • Build resilience to life's challenges

  • Reconnect and discover your authentic self

  • Increase confidence and self worth

  • Transform negative core beliefs

  • Learn to identify and create boundaries

  • Determine how to live in the here and now

  • Enhance communication skills

  • Improve your relationships, particularly the one you have with yourself

  • Heal from past trauma

  • Crucially, you will learn to honour yourself, and more especially your horse.

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How ?

What you can expect....The sessions are initially carried out on the ground (non-ridden) this can later progress to ridden, depending upon your personal goals 

(on your own horse).

The session can take place either in a school/arena, paddock, or yard area.  You will be invited to explore your goals for yourself, and your horse (It is a good idea to bring a notebook, or journal).  

You will begin to understand the impact that your thinking, and behaviour, has upon your horse, and your relationship together.

Fees:  £40 per hour

(some concessions may be available, for those on a reduced income).

I offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation, prior to our first appointment.  

Typically a session is between 1 - 1 1/2 hours.   Payment is by cash, or bank transfer.  If you are unable to attend a booked session, or need to move an appointment,  please give at least 24 hours notice, otherwise you will be asked to pay half the cost of the missed session.

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Who is it for ?

EFHD is for people with, or without, any previous horsemanship experience.

For horse owners/riders with experience this work can really deepen your relationship with your horse; it gives an opportunity to examine any particular challenges you and your horse may be experiencing - there is always a connection between horse and human behaviour.

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I am fully Insured and I have an enhanced DBS (previously CRB) certificate
​I hold memberships with the following bodies:
NCP - National Council of Psychotherapists
SAFE Professionals - Standards for Assisted

and Facilitated Equine Professionals 

BHS - British Horse Society

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